Advanced Military Shelters and Humanitarian Shelters Worldwide

Advanced Military Shelters and Humanitarian Shelters from HTS tentiQ Government Authority

Operating at the leading edge of design and engineering, HTS tentiQ Government Authority manufacture and supply a complete range of military and humanitarian shelters, tents and temporary structures for fast global deployment. Our range of Shelters and Tent Systems includes: Military Shelters, Troop and Accommodation Shelters, Inflatable Shelters, Multipurpose Shelters, Storage Tents, Maintenance Shelters, Aircraft Hangars, Turnkey Field Camps, Emergency Shelters and a complete range of Accessories. All shelters, including our ground-breaking CARBON HYBRID Shelters are developed and manufactured at our technically advanced ISO: 2000 certified production centre in Kefenrod, Germany and designed to retain superior performance in the harshest of terrains and environments worldwide.

Military and Humanitarian Shelters and Structures using leading edge technology

Innovation and technology are at the heart of HTS tentiQ Government Authority which is reflected in our pioneering and fully patented range of CARBON HYBRID Shelters Using the latest technology available on the market, these structures are stronger but lighter than their comparable counterparts; bringing new meaning to Rapid Deployment. This means you can deploy military shelters quickly and efficiently, and humanitarian shelters wherever they are needed in the world rapidly. All shelters come in an off-the-shelf standard range or fully customised with larger sizes up to 70m width and bespoke designs. We can provide single tent systems through to complete military and humanitarian field camps, facilitated on a global level by our top level technical management and installation teams.

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Emergency response to COVID-19 | rapid deployment hospital tents and field camps

Emergency response to COVID-19
rapid deployment hospital tents and field camps